SBCI Rationale

Laying Out the Rationale
Byron Kennard, Executive Director,
The Center for Small Business and the Environment (CSBE)
A Seat at the Table
In 2006, CSBE adopted a new focus: the creation of a Small Business Climate Initiative. Our objective is to get small business a seat at the table where proposals to curb greenhouse gas emissions are being hammered out.

At present, small business is not at that table; small business is not even in the room. That’s because most advocates, policy-makers and researchers addressing global warming have consistently ignored and neglected small business. They have other fish to fry. They are preoccupied with the roles of big business, big government, and the search for across-the-board policy solutions that can be imposed by law.

For its part, small business owners have not yet grappled with the threat of global warming. They too have other fish to fry: day-to day survival, high taxes, health care costs. And they are more concerned with the threat of increased government regulation than the threat of global warming.
Global Warming: Getting the Message to Main Street
Wall Street is getting the message about the need to curb global warming. Many big businesses are recognizing the extent and firmness of the scientific consensus, among them Dow, BP, Shell, General Electric, Wal-Mart and DuPont. These businesses are also moving to exploit the many profitable opportunities for businesses in the transition to a clean and efficient economy. But the message is not getting through on Main Street. (more)

“Your leadership in bringing small business into the global warming debate has been inspirational, and I thank you for all your hard work and dedication.”– Senator John Kerry, Chair, Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship