Small Business Climate Initiative

Looking for more information about what’s happening at CSBE? Learn more about the small business climate and protecting the environment through visiting one of our sections below. Be sure to look around the entire CSBE website to find out more about what we do and highlight some major CSBE initiatives.

The Rationale

In 2006, CSBE adopted a new focus: the creation of a Small Business Climate Initiative. Find out more about the objective and mission of the Small Business Climate Initiative here.

What Environmentalists Need to Know

If you are an environmentalist and you are unfamiliar with the small business community this section is perfect for your needs. Find out just how big a part small business plays in saving the environment.

What Small Business Owners Need to Know About Global Warming

Are you a small business owner preoccupied with other important tasks associated with running your business and you do not have time to worry about Global Warming? You may want to make time to find out how Global Warming is effecting not only the environment around you but how it could impact your business operations as well.

Test Case

Find out more information about how the Small Business Climate Initiative is growing in strength and success.