Report on Silver Buckshot


CSBE is now preparing a report that will provide profiles of over 100 working, tested small-business “silver buckshot” initiatives. These initiatives are already producing incremental solutions, aggregating many small gains, and securing greenhouse gas emission reductions. These models are widely replicable throughout the decentralized half of the economy.

The Silver Buckshot Report’s core message will address mounting concerns in the small business community about energy costs and reliability. The message will empower small business owners. We will tell them: take matters into your own hands. You possess practical, affordable options for cutting your own energy costs and increasing your own energy self-reliance. These are options you can exercise now. Here is what they are. Here is how to use them.

This message must then be broadcast far and wide, reaching into every nook and cranny of the boundless small business universe. It is fair to ask: can this be done? Yes, it can. The trick is to use the web, an amazingly decentralized, diverse, and dynamic tool that fits the job perfectly. CSBE will use this tool to become the hub of an expansive “social network” of small business people tied together in real time through a dynamic website.

The final outcome will be a powerful new pro-business, pro-environment constituency that helps build the political will needed to mobilize not just America’s small businesses, but America itself in the fight against global warming.

The report will be issued later this year and the new website will appear simultaneously. Stay tuned!