CSBE in the News

CSBE in the News
Are Small, Tech-Savvy Firms Top U.S. Job Creators?
Small businesses that heavily use technology, from back-end software to social-media websites, are highly successful job creators, according to a research report released Wednesday from the Technology CEO Council.     Source: Wall Street Journal

Edmund Burke on Global Warming
The near-unanimous opposition of Republicans in Congress to climate change legislation strikes me as inconsistent with the tenets of modern conservatism laid down by Edmund Burke (1729-97), the movement’s patron saint…  Source: Huffington Post

Combating Climate Change How Entrepreneurs Are Doing What Congress Cant or Won’t
In a guest post on the Kauffman Foundation website, Kennard describes how green entrepreneurs are leaping over congressional gridlock to combat climate change   Source: Kauffman Foundation

Disaster in the Gulf: Making Sure it Never Happens Again
Excessive complexity of the technology for deep well drilling is a major reason we don’t yet have a definitive answer as to what caused the blowout and the devastating Gulf oil spill. In Kennard’s blog on the Huffington Post, he argues that distributed generation – generating power on site for on site use – is a means of restoring human control over our overly complex (and overly vulnerable) energy systems.   Source: Huffington Post

Bouncing Back From the Disaster in the Gulf
In another commentary on the Gulf oil spill, Kennard argues that the key to energy security is resiliency and that, further, the key to resiliency is decentralized energy production.   Source: Huffington Post

Byron Kennard on National Public Radio (NPR)
Small Business Energy Efficiency
It’s surprising to think so, but small business may hold the key to solving the energy crisis. That’s what Great Lakes Radio Consortium commentator Byron Kennard argues. In his view, dramatic gains in energy efficiency by small businesses are practical because they cut energy bills dramatically and swiftly.
Source: NPR

Byron Kennard columns in ClimateBiz.com
Global Warming: Getting the Message to Main Street
Engaging small business owners in efforts to curb global warming depends a lot on who delivers the message. By Byron Kennard
Source: News Center

Entrepreneurship as a Green Political Strategy
Six reasons why technological innovation can protect the environment better than conventional politics. By Byron Kennard
Source: News Center

Micropower to the Rescue!
Energy efficiency and micropower help protect the environment; they can also help protect us against terrorism. By Byron Kennard.
Source: News Center

Reframing the “Economics vs. Environment” Debate
The new bottom line? Green commerce has secured a firm foothold in the U.S. economy. By Byron Kennard
Source: News Center

A Whole New Ball Game
The just-passed California Global Warming Solutions Act, which imposes a cap on all greenhouse gas emissions, is the toughest legislation in the United States to tackle global warming. It is truly historic.
Source: News Center

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Byron Kennard in Fortune Small Business
How small business can slow global warming
No entrepreneurial firm can tackle huge environmental issues singlehandedly, but there is strength in numbers, says a green-business advocate.

Can small business save the planet?
By now, virtually every American supports the goal of national energy security and nearly two-thirds of us, according to a recent Harris Interactive poll, believe that human activity is responsible for climate change. So everyone agrees on the goal: to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels that must be imported and that are responsible for greenhouse gasses. But there is no consensus on how to get there.

Byron Kennard in Businessweek
Creative Destruction—Good for the Environment
Clean-tech companies, mostly small entrepreneurial businesses, pose a challenge to many large, long-dominant industrial enterprises

Byron Kennard in Forbes.Com
Energy’s Solutions 

Energy’s Solutions: Commentary

Byron Kennard in US News & World Report
Getting Small Firms to Think Green
With big fish like Al Gore and General Electric tackling climate change, it seems there isn’t much room in the debate for minnows. “Small business has never had a seat at the table, so they always get screwed,” says Byron Kennard, founder of the Center for Small Business and the Environment.

Byron Kennard in Business Journal
Others urged to emulate auto dealers on energy
As heavy users of electricity, small businesses can help curb greenhouse gas emissions by becoming more energy-efficient. The National Automobile Dealers Association thinks it’s found a model that other trade associations can emulate to help their members save money while helping to save the planet.

Byron Kennard in USA Today
Small businesses take big steps into green practices
As environmental practices sweep much of the corporate world, U.S. small businesses also are jumping in. Tens of thousands of small companies — from mom-and-pop stores to manufacturers — are going green by cutting energy costs and reducing the “carbon footprints” from their facilities, offices and fleets of vehicles.

The Earth is Round, Not Flat: Reflections on the difficulty of getting people to see new prospects for environmental protection

Byron Kennard
Published in The Green Elephant, newsletter of Republicans for Environmental Protection