“Millions of Americans are small business people. Millions are environmentalists. Many are both. But the political debate doesn’t even acknowledge the existence of these people. The debate falsely assumes they are segmented into two hostile camps. This stale assumption harms both the economy and the environment.”

— Scott Hauge, Founder, Small Business Advocates

“The changing economy presents environmental opportunities as well as environmental threats. One of the opportunities is the strengthened capacity of small businesses to devise innovative, localized, diverse and ecologically sensitive answers to environmental problems. This initiative is the perfect antidote to the horrors of corporate globalization.”

— Brent Blackwelder, President, Friends of the Earth

“The environment needs far faster technology innovation if it is to avoid the political dead end of forcing society to choose between growing pollution concentrations and an ever higher cost of maintaining any given level. Most of that innovation will come from small business entrepreneurs. Byron Kennard’s creativity and organizing genius has spotted this critical leverage point and is helping these innovating small firms work together to exploit it.”

— Bill Drayton, Chair, Ashoka: Innovators for the Public;

“Conventional wisdom posits environmentalists and small businesspeople as mortal enemies or, at best, the opposite ends of the political spectrum. In reality, in today’s entrepreneurial, high tech, innovative economy, small businesspeople are emerging as effective advocates of environmental protection, pollution prevention, energy efficiency, and resource conservation. For these people, the Center for Small Business and the Environment provides a strong, effective voice.”

— Richard C. Herring, President, former Chair National Small Business United

“It’s great news for the environment — and for environmentalism — that Byron Kennard, the movement’s greatest organizer, has taken on the job of bringing small business into the environmental fold. CSBE will help propel environmentalism into the Information Age, where small business is often the most productive, creative, and powerful force.”

— Amory Lovins, CEO, Rocky Mountain Institute

“Small Is Beautiful, a book that armed environmentalists with an economic rationale, also provides them a political rationale for business and environmental cooperation around the key (but often neglected) issue of scale. No one understands this better than Byron Kennard, and no one has worked harder to convert this rationale into reality. The Green Gazelles project is a giant step forward in this direction.”

— Michaela Walsh, Founding President, Women’s World Banking;