Our Leadership

byron_kennardByron Kennard, Executive Director

Byron Kennard, founder and Executive Director of the Center for Small Business and the Environment, is a long time advocate of both the environment and of small-scale enterprise.

Working as a community organizer for the Conservation Foundation in the late 1960s, Byron helped lay groundwork for the environmental movement and the subsequent explosion of grassroots action on Earth Day. For this work, he was later awarded the Leadership Medal of the United Nations Environment Program for “distinguished contribution to the cause of the environment.”

In the 1970s, he collaborated closely with the late E. F. Schumacher, author of Small Is Beautiful, to realize the book’s vision of small-scale enterprise as a principal protector and restorer of the environment.

Years later in the 1990s, Kennard observed that the revolution in communications technology vastly strengthened and expanded the capacity of small-scale enterprises to achieve efficiencies and to produce environmentally benign innovations. In the Information Age, small is more beautiful than ever! To exploit this new and huge potential for environmental good, Kennard founded the Center for Small Business and the Environment (CSBE) in 1998.

Byron also served as National Vice Chair of Sun Day, 1978, National Chair of Earth Day ’80, the tenth anniversary celebration of Earth Day in 1980, and as Special Consultant to the EPA Administrator for Earth Day 1990.

Byron Kennard is the author of Nothing Can Be Done, Everything Is Possible, a book of essays on social and political change that the Christian Science Monitor called “a primer for the modern-day activist.”

Byron Kennard is a graduate of the Ohio State University (BA, 1959)

Executive Committee

Scott Hauge, Chair, President, Small Business California; Treasurer, National Small Business Association
Gordon Binder, Senior Fellow, World Wildlife Fund
Mark Clevey, Vice President for Entrepreneurship, Small Business Association of Michigan
Christopher Lynch, Director, Environmental Management Assistance Program, Pennsylvania Small Business Development Center, The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
Hank Ryan, Executive Director, Small Business California
Carol Werner Executive Director, Environmental & Energy Study Institute
Scott Sklar, President of The Stella Group, Ltd, and Chair, Steering Committee of the Sustainable Energy Coalition


Helen Anderson, Member, Los Angeles County Small Business Commission
John Arensmeyer, President, Small Business Majority
Lee Botts, Founder, Lake Michigan Federation
Phil Catron, President, NaturaLawn of America
Tim Colonnese, President, KTM Industries
Michael Crabtree, President and CEO, IdleAire Technologies Inc.
Kevin A. Fletcher, PhD., Executive Director, Audubon International
John Garn, Environmental Consultant
Tom Davis, Environmental Consultant; former Vice-President for Environmental Health and Safety, AT&T
Jennifer Kaplan, Founder of Greenhance LLC
Craig Lindell, President & CEO, Aquapoint
Mike McCabe, former Deputy Administrator, US Environmental Protection Agency
Jacquelyn Ottman, President, J. Ottman Consulting, Inc., Author, Green Marketing
Scott Seydel, President, EVCO Research
Mark Starik, Department Chair and Professor of Strategic Management and Public Policy, School of Business, George Washington University
Maria Thompson, President, T/J Technologies
Josh Turner, President of Turner Enterprise Development Group
Christophe Tulou, former Executive Director, Pew Commission on the Oceans
Michaela Walsh, Founding President, Women’s World Banking
Program Consultants & Contractors

Kyle Kempf, Director, Government Relations, National Small Business Association
Elaine Pofeldt, Former Senior Editor, Fortune Small Business
Steve Bell, Program Manager, Energy and Security Group